Where is this event?

Great Hall, Hart House
University of Toronto
7 Hart House Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 3H3

When is this event?

January 23, 2013
6:00PM – 8:00PM

How can I get to this event?

By public transit or car.  Hart House is near Museum or Queen’s Park subway stations.  For more information, please visit Direction.

Who can attend this event?

Everyone is welcomed!  So come and join us!  However, please note that this event is especially created for students and faculty members in University of Toronto.

How much does it cost to attend this event? 

It’s completely free!  However, you are expected to RSVP in advance.

When should I register for this event? 

As soon as possible!

I have registered, but I can no longer attend.  What can I do? 

Please send us an email right away: rsvp.hhsocialjustice@gmail.com.  If you want, we can change your ticket to “Live Streaming” so you can live stream the event on your computer, tablet or smartphone (Android 2.3+ or mobile devices with Flash only).  We will send you a password so you can participate in this event remotely on your computer.  (Conference is only available on a computer.  Mobile devices are not supported)

I cannot attend the event in person on that day.  How can I participate in this event?

When you register, select “Live Streaming” instead of “Ticket”.  We will send you a password to participate in this event.  You will be able to stream this event to your computer or other mobile devices with Flash (Android 2.3+ or mobile devices with Flash only).

There are no more tickets available!  Is the event streamed live?

Yes!  But spaces are limited!  Also, on the day of the event, try to come and see if there are any more spaces available.  If not, go to Live for the live stream.  However, there is only a limit of 50 concurrent connections, so first come, first serve!  Also, please remember that you cannot participate in this live stream.  However, we will take photos and videos and make them available online later.

When should I arrive for this event?

The event starts at 6:10PM.  Please arrive by 5:50 p.m.

How many people are anticipated to be in attendance?

Around 300.  About 50 will participate electronically and another 50 can live stream this event.

Can I bring guests with me?

Yes.  But, if possible, they should register themselves so we can anticipate how many people will participate in this event and plan accordingly.

Is this an accessible event?

Yes.  Please contact us for accommodation or more details.

What is the attire for this event?

Come as you are!  This is a very causal event.

I have another question!

Sus an email: hhsocialjustice[at]gmail[.]com

This is a sustainable event.  What did you do to make sure this event is sustainable?