Imagine Our Future

We would like to thank both David Miller and Professor Frank Cunningham for making this event possible!  Thanks!

Thank you everyone for making this event a success!  As promised, a video recording of the event is now posted on both our YouTube channel and on this website.  We are sorry we took this long to get the video posted, we are having some technical difficulties that we couldn’t solve until now.  The quality of the video is not the greatest since our main camera was not functioning properly on the night of the event, but I hope all of you can still enjoy this!

Fundamentals of a Green Economy: A Lecture on Sustainability

This event will bring together hundreds of students and Torontonians for two hours with David Miller to understand the road to the future, in pursuit of sustainable development and becoming responsible citizens of tomorrow.  We will focus on debunking the myths around the green economy, imagine what is possible in the future, and more!

David Miller’s lecture will include:

  • How economic success can be partnered with environmental sustainability – that jobs through sustainability make good economic sense in both the private and public sectors
  • Examples of significant business opportunities that new technologies and “green” businesses are making in the world’s major cities – including right here in Canada
  • How solving the world’s environmental problems will create sustainable employment and build resilient cities that work for all.

Do you have any questions about this event?  Visit our FAQ for some answers!